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8:15 AM

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6:30 AM

Ma'ariv (Sun-Thur)

8:30 PM

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Our programs

Yeshiva Program

Our Cornerstone Program! The Yeshiva program gives us the chance to go to Yeshiva at Night! An intense immersive experience beginning with self-prep and culminating in an interactive and intense class where we share our ideas and flesh out the deepest elements of Torah



Neshay is our community's Women's League - Classes, Events and most importantly - Kindness. Our Neshay is led by Mrs. Michal Flisser and has accomplished so much over the years in giving our community the warm and welcoming reputation


Israeli Outreach

Their are so many Israelis around the city looking for inspiration, a place to spend Shabbat or just a place to come to talk and relax. We are proud to have Rabbi Mordechai & Esther Rosenhan on staff who are dedicated to reaching out to the thousands of Israelis who reside in the Las Vegas Valley


Weekly Classes

Pathways of the Prophets Sundays at 9:00am

Breakfast and class/ discussion group on the life and times of Elijah the Prophet. Explore the history and philosophies that have shaped our people8:30 PM

@ Ahavas Torah Center

Marriage & Parenting

Throughout the year, classes are given on what matters to us most - our families! Join us as we explore the Torah's perspective on how we interact with the most important people in our lives!

@ Ahavas Torah Center

Tuesday Night Gemara Class

Come explore the Talmud as we analyze practical modern-day cases and delve into the Classic commentaries to figure out the Torah's perspective on modern day issues

@ Ahavas Torah Center

Welcome to Ahavas Torah Center

The name “Ahavas Torah” is Hebrew for “love of Torah” and is a term that beautifully depicts what Green Valley’s newest congregation is all about. Although “Torah” is often used to describe the five books of Moses, historically it has been applied in a much broader sense.

ATC’s programs and services

are suited to any Jew regardless of background or affiliation. Whether you say “Ahavat Torah”, “Ahavas Torah”, or simply “ATC”, our dynamic congregation is your source for growth through learning, and the center of a growing Jewish community in Green Valley.

Come see for yourself and join our family!