Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz is the founder Rabbi of Ahavas Torah Center. His vision, passion for Torah Study as well as his leadership talents make him the perfect candidate for his position. Rabbi Fromowitz spent thirteen years immersed in study at the Rabbinical Seminary of America in Queens, NY receiving his Rabbinical Ordination from RSA. During that time he had the opportunity to teach and mentor in a variety of settings. He has conducted introductory classes to unaffiliated public school students, as well as college level Talmud and Jewish Law. He participated in advanced seminars in Jewish Marital Law, and mentors grooms in preparation for marriage. Rabbi Fromowitz’s warmth and knowledge have earned him the respect of students and peers alike. Additionally, Rabbi Fromowitz is a Certified Mohel and has practiced in New York, Las Vegas and Israel. If you or someone else you know could use his services, please contact him and see his website at www.jewishmohel.com.
Mrs. Frimie Fromowitz serves as the Director of Women’s Programming for our Shul & Kollel. Frimie was born and raised in Kew Gardens Hills, NY. After a year of post high school study in Jerusalem, she entered college and received a Masters degree in Education and School Psychology. Frimie’s educational and outreach experience, together with her love for Jewish Learning are a tremendous asset to the Las Vegas Community.
In addition to participating in Project SEED in Long Island, NY and Austin, Texas, Rabbi and Mrs. Fromowitz directed SEED in Las Vegas for four summers. The Fromowitz family was received very warmly by the Las Vegas Community and so thoroughly enjoyed their experience that they decided to permanently join it! Rabbi and Mrs. Fromowitz have 6 children, Shimmy, Mordechai, Malka, Henoch, Rachel and Nechama.


Rabbi Yitzchok Hecht is the Assistant Rabbi of Ahavas Torah Center. He was raised in Far Rockaway, NY where he attended Yeshiva Darchei Torah. After eleven years of intensive study, he received ordination (Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin) from the Rabbinical Seminary of America. Rabbi Hecht also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Touro College. He has received extensive training from leading congregational Rabbis including Rabbi Peretz Steinberg and Rabbi Elimelech Bluth. Rabbi Hecht previously served in the Young Israel of Queens Valley as Rabbi of the Young Marrieds Minyan where he earned a reputation for his eloquence and warmth.
Mrs. Rivki Hecht grew up in Baltimore, MD. She attended Bais Yaakov, Ateres B’nos Yesrushalayim and Ma’alot before receiving her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Towson University. Rabbi & Mrs. Hecht are the loving parents of Simcha, Chana and Gedalya who are excited about their new home in Henderson. They all hope to share their enthusiasm for