Pathways of the Prophets – Sundays at 9:00am

Breakfast and class/ discussion group on the life and times of Elijah the Prophet. Explore the history and philosophies that have shaped our people
@ Ahavas Torah Center

Learn to Read the Ancient Texts – Monday-Friday 7:35 AM – 7:55 AM

Join Rabbi Fromowitz learning Mishna with the goal of learning to read the ancient text and delving into the reasons behind the laws
Ahavas Torah Center

10 minutes of ethics – Sunday – Thursday – after maariv

It only takes 5 minutes a day! Join Rabbi Fromowitz in a daily explorations of mussar as we strive to improve our character
Ahavas Torah Center

New Class! – Nightly Gemara Shiur – Monday – Thursday  after Maariv

Intermediate level nightly Gemara shiur – Join us for 30 minutes after maariv where we will cover one blatt per week in Mesechas Makos. Thursday nights we add an extra 30 minutes to explore indepth a topic from the week’s blatt
@ Ahavas Torah Center

Practical Laws of Shabbos – Monday nights at 8:30 PM

Interactive multimedia class by Simon Lader on the practical laws of Shabbos – applying them to today’s complex world
@ Ahavas Torah Center

Indepth talmud – Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Join Rabbi Fromowitz an an intense interactive talmud class applying the ancient wisdom of the Talmud to everyday dilemmas
Ahavas Torah Center

District Lunch n’ Learn – Wed at 1:00pm

Grab a bite and a delicious beverage while Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz shares valuable insights in Bible study
@ The District Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

From the Source – Saturdays at 8:00 AM

Join Rabbi Hecht as he delves into a topic of Jewish Law from its sources through modern day application
Ahavas Torah Center

39 malachos of Shabbos – every Shabbos – one hour before Mincha

Discussion group on applying the 39 mlachos of Shannos to our modern world using the 39 Malachos of Shabbos book by Rabbi Dovid Ribiat
@ Ahavas Torah Center


For more information, please contact Rabbi Fromowitz at 551-7105 ext. 1 or use the contact form