Lawyers galore!

Lots of paperwork emailed back and forth between the lawyers for ATC and Horizon Ridge – we almost have an agreed lease ready to sign! – and between us and the contractors. They met with City Hall on our behalf and have given us a shopping list of documents we need to submit to get the Conditional Use Permit. Happily, we have most of them on file, and the rest we can get from the landlords. All the pieces are coming together…

Shul contractor call

Had a very productive call with a proposed contractor who – assuming we get the lease for the site on Horizon Ridge and the conditional use permit (CUP) from Henderson City Hall – is one we are considering for the tenant improvements. Again, it seems we have a blessed project – he felt that, despite a tight timetable, we should be in good shape to be in by Pesach, our hopeful move in date.

Permits research

Its erev Succos, and we did some research on the permits we will need for Horizon Ridge. There is something called a Conditional Use Permit, which we will need to use that space as a Shul. Looks simple, but I guess most things do when you’ve never done them before…

Call with buildings department

Had a call with the buildings department of Henderson City Hall. Happily, an advisor/consultant to our committee is also an architect and volunteered to be on the call as well, and assured me that we will be able to satisfy everything they require, and it may be that the characteristics specific to our mikva may actually make the building permit easier to obtain than we otherwise thought!

Call with City Hall

Had a call with the planning department of Henderson City Hall to discuss the Mikva. Interestingly, the main thing they seemed concerned about was the amount of parking that would be required to support the mikva. Luckily, the mikva is a single use facility so… not much parking needed! If all our obstacles are as simple as this one, we should have our mikva dug in no time!

Mikva HOA meeting

The day after Tzom Gedalia… surely the most considerate of all the fasts in the Jewish calendar! So, we spoke to the HOA today and it looks like there will be no objections to the mikva from them. We may need permission for a door – which is likely to be visible from the street – but otherwise we should be OK.

Shul meeting

We just had the Shul meeting and the Rabbi announced that the Shul’s board have approved moving – in principal – to a new location, on Horizon Ridge, and a new mikva. Tomorrow is erev Rosh Hashana, so goodbye 5777 and hello 5778 – hopefully the year we enter our new home!


Hi everyone. Welcome to the Move’n’Mikva Blog, a central repository of all things about Ahavas Torah Center’s proposed move to new premises and new mikva, both coming online in 2018. Enjoy the blog and, with G-d’s help, we look forward to updating you on the progress of this historic era in our community.