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This is a list of organizations that are available to help the community. Thank you to the wonderful people on this list!

Any errors or coarse language are the fault of the editor and not the Gemach operators. Revised 11/16/2015.

Gemach Gemach

Operator:Rabbi Yitzchok HechtPurpose:Helping GemachsInstructions:Contact Rabbi HechtOperator:Rabbi Yitzchok HechtPurpose:Find specific Kosher food items in the Henderson areaInstructions:Available for viewing or editing at

English Language Jewish Books Lending Library

Operator:Rabbi Avi CutlerPurpose:loan English language Jewish booksInstructions:contact me and set up appointment and come over to borrow. Online list of books coming after the yomim tovim

Rosemary Gamach

Operator:Adiah GoldmanPurpose:I have a huge container of dried Rosemary spice, which is available in 5 oz containers for anyone in need to come take.Instructions:

Uniform Skirt Pleating Gamach

Operator:Adiah GoldmanPurpose:If anyone’s children’s uniform skirts would benefit from a “re-pleating” I can iron crisp sharp pleats back in.Instructions:Please drop off clean uniform skirts at my house and they will be pleated within 2-3 business days.

Diaper Gemach

Operator:The KiersPurpose:To give diapers to anyone who needs.Instructions:Call or text with what size diapers you need and we will respond if we have that size available. If anyone has any extra diapers they can give them to us so we can build up stock.

Boys Dress Shoes

Operator:Rivki HechtPurpose:Gently used dress shoes for boys in various sizes.Instructions:Text or email for a time to come over and pick up shoes. Donations can be gently used and dropped off anytime by leaving them to the right of the front door.

The Shoshana Aviner Memorial Library

Operator:Patricia GordonPurpose:We are developing a collection of appropriate and entertaining Jewish (and secular) books for the children in our community. Right now it is in a suitcase which is with Sarah when she is staying by someone on Shabbos. During the week it is in her car at her office. It is really just developing, and we are taking donations. Eventually Sarah would like to give up some space in her home when she moves to the community.Instructions:Right now it is mostly for Shabbos. You can come to wherever I am being hosted.

Zichron Sholom Tefillin Gemach

Operator:Simon LaderPurpose:Short term loan of tefillin for people who are temporarily without their own set.We have right and left handed Ashkenazi sets.

Donations gratefully accepted and will be used exclusively to expand the range of tefillin.Instructions:The tefillin are housed in a locked drawer in the kiddush room at ATC. Please contact Rabbi Fromowitz (first minyan) or Rabbi Hecht (second minyan) for use. AT non-minyan times, please contact Simon Lader.NB: tefillin must remain on ATC premises at all times.

Simon and Liz’s Suitcase Gemach

Operator:Simon and Liz LaderPurpose:Free short term loans of suitcases. We have large suitcases, hold-alls, and smaller cases (cabin luggage sized). Maximum loan duration of two weeks, and on a first come, first served basis.Instructions:Please email Elizabeth with the number of each type of case you require, and the dates they are required. Please title the email “suitcase gemach”.Please note: the borrower is responsible for any damage incurred over the duration of the loan.

We will arrange a suitable time with you for you to collect the cases from the gemach.

Loan Gemach – The Sidney & Minnie Riell Memorial Gemach.

Operator:Rabbi Yehoshua FromowitzPurpose:short terms loans within the communityInstructions:call or email to inquire


Operator:Penina MethPurpose:Donate your gently used women and children’s clothing and/or come take clothes for you and your family at no charge.Instructions:To donate you can leave clothes at my door anytime. You can also be in touch with me about getting it to me if you don’t live close byTo make use of the clothing – you can arrange to come to look through all the clothes I have here – organized by size, or you can let me know what size you are looking for and I can make a bag of some clothes to give to you.

Career Development Gemach

Operator:Simon LaderPurpose:Providing career development advisory services to the local community, providing advice and mentoring in areas including:* Career Counselling
* Resume writing and optimizing
* Interview techniques and skills
* Job offer negotiation skillsInstructions:Access to this gemach is by appointment only.Please contact Simon Lader to make an appointment. Sessions will usually take place prior to or following davening on weekday evenings or Sunday mornings at ATC.

Tvilat Kailim

Operator:MomiPurpose:Instructions:Drop off anytime, near front door or inside RV parking with your name and phone number. You will receive a call once they are ready for pickup, usually within 24 hours.

Car Jumper

Operator:Rabbi Eli KaufmanPurpose:To jump-start dead cars.Instructions:Call me and I will try and get my battery jumper to you to re-start your car.

liver kashering

Operator:mendy levinePurpose:liver kasheringInstructions:Please bring raw sealed packaged kosher livers to my home with two 9×13 disposable pans. With RSVP should be ready in 24 hours. rush jobs available

tefillin knots

Operator:mendy levinePurpose:tie tefillin knotsInstructions:please bring tefillin to my home. Please specify
sefard (don’t know specific sefardy)
head tefillin – daled knot or square knot
with RSVP can be ready in 24 hours. rush jobs available


Operator:Rabbi Eli KaufmanPurpose:Lends various hand & power toolsInstructions:push mower, weed whacker, hedge trimmer
drill, hammer drill attachment, power screwdriver(s)
jig saw, circular saw
ratchet set & assorted hand tools
a few folding chairs
wet dry vac

Baby Stuff

Operator:Rabbi Eli KaufmanPurpose:Lends various baby stuffInstructions:Boppy nursing pillow
toddler bed (longer term)
disassembled full sized crib (longer term)