New Gemara Class!

Tonight was the first class in our new intermediate-level nightly Gemara class. This is a great new initiative leading into Shavuos! It takes place in shul immediately after Maariv. The shiur will be 30 minutes in duration and will attempt to cover one blatt per week. We started tonight with Mesechta Makos. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The shiur is aimed at those with prior experience of learning gemara in a yeshiva or similar setting.
 first gemara shiur 2 first gemara shiur

Kashrus series kicks off!

Our next series in Jewish Family Life deals with the Kosher home. The first installment kicked off tonight and was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who participated, whether in person or virtually. Thank you to Shalom Rand for the refreshments.

For those who could not make it or would like a review, tonight’s shiur is available for streaming or download on our Torah page.

Future home of Ahavas Torah Center

Mazel tov! The shul just purchased a tract of land which will be the future home of Ahavas Torah Center! The new site is in a terrific location, closer to our popular residential areas. We hope to have news in the near future about plans to build. We thank G-d for this wonderful blessing. We’d also like to thank all the community members who have helped with this process.

Incredible Hachnasas Sefer Torah!

Ahavas Torah Center now has its own Sefer Torah, donated by Mr. & Mrs. David Tanenbaum. Thank you to the hundreds of community members turned out for the chance to honor the Torah and write a letter in it. Special thanks also to Rabbi Hillel David and Rabbi Noach Oelbaum who graciously flew in to be there and to address us at the Sponsors’ Dinner. Read a write-up of the event (with pictures) at the Review Journal web site.

New 8:15 Shacharis minyan!

Post-tefillah class

Post-tefillah class

In a great milestone for our community, Ahavas Torah Center had its first 8:15am Shacharis minyan today. We were privileged to host students from Yeshiva Day school of Las Vegas, members of the Las Vegas Kollel and NCSY staff. What a terrific way for these community organizations to join together!

815 minyan day 4

Day 4

The minyan will continue every weekday at 8:15am. Assistant Rabbi Yitzchok Hecht will be officiating at the minyan, with Shalom Rand as Gabbai. Hope to see you there!

Fun at New Year Kickoff BBQ!

2013-08-25_18-03-50_20The new Cornerstone Park really is beautiful. But it was even more beautiful on Sunday for the ATC New Year Kickoff BBQ. It was great meeting all the new families that joined us this summer. Welcome to the community!

Lots of Kosher food disappeared and the kids had a great time with their craft projects and sports. Can’t wait till next year’s!

East Side JCC and Ahavas Torah Center celebrate 2nd Annual Lag Ba’omer Field Day & Barbeque

Under a beautiful clear sky in Paseo Verde Park in Green Valley, over 200 people were relaxing in the grass, shmoozing with one another, enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers, while children were playing and having a great time.

What was going on?
A Lag Ba’Omer Barbeque! Lag Ba’Omer celebrates the day when the great sage, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai taught much of the mystical Torah to his students. The custom is to make bonfires, symbolizing the fire of Torah.
East Side JCC and Ahavas Torah Center teamed up to make this fantastic barbeque, attended mainly by members of the Green Valley Jewish Community. Between throwing the Frisbee around, shooting hoops, and plenty of baseball, there was plenty of sports to go around. Leslie Murdock and Illisa Polis from the East Side JCC led a gorgeous Lag Ba’omer-themed arts & crafts for the younger kids and afterwards organized the children in races and games. The dynamic mix created a warm, fun atmosphere, while the great grilling kept it tasty as well. There were hot dogs and hamburgers right off the grill, with all sorts of condiments to add. The salads and sodas made it all the more refreshing.
The sun went lower and the crowd stayed on, not wanting to leave, everyone savoring the food and friends. The bonfire was lit and Rabbi Zev Goldman from Yeshiva Day School, and Cantor Andres Kornworcel from Midbar Kodesh pulled out their guitars and, surrounded by children, began singing some of the popular Jewish melodies.